CGI EMail is a simple, easy-to-use script that takes the results of any form and sends them to you via e-mail. Because it is already installed, minimal configuration is required to successfully use the script.

The following steps provide quick summarized instructions for CGI EMail. Be sure to read the CGI user guide for detailed instructions on using CGI EMail.

To configure CGI EMail:

  1. Create an HTML form with a number of named input fields. Refer to this page for more detailed information of the action component of the form.

  2. Create an e-mail template (a .txt file) that displays the format in which you want your form information displayed in the e-mail. Make sure all your form name codes are one word and in square brackets [].

  3. Upload the .txt and form files to your site.

  4. Go to your cgi-bin directory and change the file permissions on cgiecho and cgie-mail to 755.

  5. Test the script. The cgiecho script is designed for testing online, so you do not have to wait for e-mail to be sent or received.