Java CountDown/CountUp Maker

This script creates a Java countdown or countup display, to or from a particular time.

Note: This Java applet, while easy to use, is only minimally customizable and does not present very well. Feel free to use the script as long as you understand these limitations.

To set up the Java CountDown/CountUp Maker

  1. Click on the Countdown link in the CGI Center area.

  2. Choose the time zone for the clock in the TimeZone drop-down list.

  3. Enter the date that you are counting down to or up from in the Month, Hour, Day, and Year drop-down lists.

  4. Click on the Make HTML button to preview the countdown and create the HTML code to make it work. Alter the countdown and preview the result until you are happy with the display.

    Click to display image
  5. Copy and paste the HTML code to your web page.

  6. Upload your new HTML page to test the results.