Random HTML

This simple script allows you to insert random pieces of text into your web page. This is useful for daily quotes, helpful hints, or any other place where random text is useful.

To install the Random HTML script:

  1. Click on the on the Random HTML link in the CGI Center area.

  2. Enter each piece of random text in the box and make sure you put each piece of text on a new line. You can not include new paragraphs within the one piece of text, as the script will separate each new paragraph into a new piece of text.

  3. Copy and paste the tag at the top of the page into your web page at the appropriate place.

  4. Change your web page extension from .php or .phpl to .shtml. This is the required file extension to use SSI (Server Side Includes).

  5. Click on the Save button.

  6. Upload the web page and test the script.